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Attractive upholstery can be a source of pride for our customers, and certainly represents a home that enjoys the finer things and provides comfort to its guests.  What happens when upholstery gets damaged, becomes dirty, or is stained by an accidental spill?  You can try cleaning it yourself, but cleaning furniture coverings is trickier than it looks, and the inexperienced may actually cause lasting damage to the upholstery by trying to clean it themselves. Don’t let a simple spill become a permanent blemish on your favorite leisure piece, call the professionals at Best Cleaning Sydney to come out and restore your upholstery.


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Cleaning upholstery can be challenging, especially on pieces that were inherited or obtained from antique stores.  Styles and materials used in upholstery have changed greatly over the years, and each new style comes with a cleaning process that is appropriate to ensure its beauty it maintained in a way that stands the test of time.  By calling our team of professionals you ensure that your upholstery will be preserved and restored to its original beautiful state.


  • guaranteed cleaning services SydneyAn incredible team of cleaning experts are at our disposal, and excel at maintaining upholstery and furniture.
  • Preservation of your upholstery is our primary concern, ensuring that we only use the proper materials to perform our task.
  • Our machinery is kept up to date and in good repair to ensure they perform the best job possible.
  • Beyond merely cleaning we also take steps to protect your upholstery from future damage with preventative techniques.
  • 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed, or your money backward

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It’s tempting to take matters into your own hands when you have upholstery that needs cleaning, but some of the most heart-breaking, regret filled calls we get are from those who wish they called us first.  If you aren’t experienced with cleaning upholstery you can cause lasting, irreversible damage to a prized piece of furniture.  Don’t take a chance with a DIY project, call the professionals at Best Cleaning Sydney to ensure that your cleaning is done properly by trained professionals.  If you’re concerned about the cost involved just give us a call and our team of experts will come out and assess the job and provide you with a commitment free quote.


There is a science to performing a proper cleaning that is based in choosing the right cleaning agents and techniques for the right material.  Failure to use the right combination can result in an ineffective cleaning at best, and damage to the piece in the worst cases.  Those who work for us take the following practices to heart:

  • Ecologically safe products that are non-toxic and safe for children and pets
  • Spot test the cleaning technique on an unseen piece of the upholstery to ensure its safe
  • Our cleaning machines are maintained to the highest specifications to ensure proper function
  • Maintaining expert knowledge on materials and cleaning agents to know which to use
  • Leave the upholstery we clean in the best possible condition and appearances

lounge upholstery cleaning sydneyHaving your upholstery cleaned doesn’t need to be something that costs you a second mortgage on the house, we provide superior services at affordable prices for our customers.  We endeavor to give our customers an experience that includes honesty and authenticity from our team with a focus on satisfaction, affordability, and respect.  Don’t let a fear of the cost keep you from calling, you can get an obligation-free quote and learn just how affordable restoring your upholstery really is!


“The use of a powerful vacuum cleaner with a cleaning detergent should get it clean”

This is absolutely false, and in fact cleaning your furniture in this manner can actually aggravate the situation or lead to lasting damage.  In addition non-commercial vacuums simply lack the necessary power to get the worst of the filth out.

“I can air-dry my upholstery or leave it in the sun to dry”

Doing this is the best way to turn a dirty piece of upholstery into a moldy, dirty piece of upholstery.  It’s almost impossible to ensure that the upholstery gets entirely dry, and the cushions within furniture is a perfect breeding ground for mold that can make your family sick.

“Upholstery cleaning should be done monthly”

When cleaned professionally most light to medium use upholstery will only need to be cleaned once a year or so.  Other places with heavier traffic may require more frequent cleaning, and of course there’s always the random accident that can make cleaning necessary at any time.  Cleaning too often can actually result in greater wear and tear on the upholstery.

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That old saying “you never get a second chance at a first impression” is absolutely tree, and most customers will take that impression from your business location.  Worn and dirty carpets, ragged and untended furniture upholstery imbued with odor, and a general lack of cleanliness can turn a potential customer into someone who just walks back out the door.  Let the professionals at Best Cleaning Sydney help your business make the right first impression.


Call us today to ensure that your home and business are looking their best with fresh, clean, attractive upholstery tht is a joy to behold.  Our team of customer care representatives are waiting for your call to set an appointment for your commitment free quote. Call now!


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