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Stain removal is one of the most important services we offer to our customers, a suite of techniques and skills that help to save some of the most important things in our home.  Whether you’ve had a spillage of wine during a holiday celebration or smoke from a house-fire has stained your upholstery and filled it with the smell of smoke, we’re there to save the day.  

Calling the professionals in these situations is an important step to saving your furniture, rugs, or carpets from staining.  Unfortunately most people simply don’t know how to properly address stains and will try to use methods that don’t work, or in the worst case scenario actually make the stain permanent or worse.

Don’t risk ruining your favorite pieces by using cleaning techniques that don’t work, instead contact your local friendly professional stain removers and let us take all the worry out.  Best Cleaning Sydney has been servicing Sydney and surrounding areas for years, providing comfort and removing worry from business owners and residential customers alike by solving their worst stain worries.  Our excellent service, highly trained staff, and affordable pricing has led us to be the premier stain removal service providers in the area.

Do you have a stain concern that needs addressed or needing a car pet and rug cleaning?  Contact us today and we’ll send out a team to give you an obligation free quote.

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Simple stains abound and are easy to take care of, but some stains carry with them a tenacity that makes it hard to get them out, and easy to make worse.  Consider stains from wine or spaghetti on a pale colored carpet, or coffee spilled on your favorite chair.  These stains not only remain but will spread or ingrain themselves deeper if you try to clean them improperly.

Our staff is trained to identify all types of stains and determine the proper ways to clean and remove them.  It’s a complicated dance of material, type of stain, length of set, and cleaning agents that come together to lift away your most stubborn stains.  Call our team of professionals and we can help you remove:

  • Blood Stains
  • Ink Stains
  • Juice Stains
  • Wine Stains
  • Sauce Stains
  • Ink Stains

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We’re renowned for the efficiency and skill we employ when removing stains for our customers, and it’s all thanks to our own special process we use to ensure that those stains are treated properly and removed completely every time.

Inspecting & Identifying Stains

The first step in treating a stain properly is identifying what kind of stain it is and what form of cleaning process would be appropriate to treat it.  

Choosing the Cleaning Process

Chemical cleaners are too harsh for many stains, water based cleaners aren’t strong enough for others.  It’s all about selecting the right process.

Reinspecting the Stain

Once the stain has been treated we reinspect it to ensure that its completely removed, and if it isn’t, we work it over again.

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best stain removal sydney

There is often some concern expressed by customers when they consider using a professional team of stain removers to treat their stains.  They often assume that doing it themselves will save time and money, and that the basic home cleaners are sufficient for treating them.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The benefits of using a team of professionals are:

  • Time Saved: A wall to wall carpet requires significant time and investment to clean, and even stains require special attention to prevent hours of fruitless effort.  Why waste ineffectual time when you can have the professionals handle it?
  • Save Money: If that stain doesn’t come out properly you may simply have to get rid of that piece of furniture or that section of carpet.  Let us save the day by removing the stain completely.
  • More Value: The best way to treat a carpet that has a stain is to spot treat that stain and then clean the entire carpet.  Our spot cleaning services come with a full carpet cleaning, giving you extra value for your dollar.

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Isn’t it time that you stop worrying about that stain and instead call the professionals to take it out for you?  One quick phone call gives you an obligation free quote from our staff that will let you know precisely how much time and money you can save by hiring us. We also provide rug and flooded carpet cleaning services. Call now!

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