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Rugs are beautiful, often iconic, pieces of home décor.  How unfortunate it is then that their very function regularly puts them in harms way.  Rugs were originally designed for the purpose of bringing comfort to cold stone or wood floors, but as a result they also are frequently muddied or fall afoul of other forms of soiling.  Cleaning them is often difficult and tricky work best left to the professionals who will know the proper method to clean a particular rug.

Each rug is it’s own individual that requires being cleaned and treated in it’s own specific way.  Berber rugs are not plush rugs, and nothing requires so much care as authentic oriental rugs.  Does your rug have a backing on it or is it a double-faced woven rug of wool?  All of these elements and more determine what form of cleaning is necessary for your rug.

Using our services will not break the bank, part of our reputation as Sydney’s favorite rug cleaners is our dedication to keeping our services affordable.  Contact us if you have a rug that needs to be cleaned and we’ll send out one of our professionals to produce an obligation free quote for the cleaning of your rug.  Any time of night or day our lines are open so we’re always there when you need us, call now!

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Many customers believe that they’re more than capable of handling the process of cleaning their own rugs, and in many cases they’re quite correct.  The day to day maintenance and cleaning of rugs are well within the skills of most people, but when a rug experiences an extreme amount of soiling or a particularly heavy stain, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Rugs are not quite as simple as we’d like to believe, they are an intricate piece of furniture that can be made of countless different materials, can have a backing or not, and can be dyed in any number of ways using different dyes and mordants.  Each of these elements alters the method by which an individual rug should be cleaned if you want to preserve its appearance and durability after the cleaning.

For this reason, it’s always wisest to call in a professional for all your rug cleaning needs.


There is a multi-stage process we use to determine the proper technique for cleaning your rug, executing that cleaning, and ensuring that it is properly cared for following that cleaning.  The steps involved are as follows:

  • An assessment of the rug will take place determining the nature of the rugs composition, and from this assessment a determination of the proper cleaning technique is made.
  • A cursory vacuuming to remove the most prevalent soil and dust from the rug in preparation for a more in depth cleaning.
  • Application of the cleaning technique that was determined to be appropriate.
  • Clear the rug of all cleaning agents and ensure it is completely dry to prevent mildewing.

Booking Hotline: (02) 8313 0601

Don’t wait another minute for your rugs and carpet cleaning by calling our customer service personnel and making an appointment for an obligation free quote.  You can also avail our stain removal services and rest assured your rugs will thank you for it.

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